Embracing her natural beauty, Bella Thorne radiates confidence as she luxuriates in a moment of empowerment and selfcare.

Former Disney actress Bella Thorne recently stripped off and soaked herself through for a seriously saucy video wearing just a black ʙικιɴι top and very little else

Bella Thorne has seriously turned up the heat after soaking herself through for a recent video.

In the video clip, Bella posed wearing a tiny black ʙικιɴι that exposed a lot of skin as she gazed at the camera and ran her hands over her cuʀvᴇs. Water dripped down from above the former Disney Channel star’s head as she pushed back her hair and placed her hands on her shoulders.

Bella added a black skirt to her super skimpy look and showed off her red manicure as she drew attention to her figure. Thorne’s signature auburn locks were soaked through and pushed back from her face.

She appeared to be wearing little to no makeup to allow her natural beauty shine through as she stood in front of a pool for the cheeky clip. Behind her, fans could see a large green hedge that provided Bella with the perfect backdrop.

Bella got soaked through from the water

The actress added the video to her Instagram Story where fans were no doubt gobsmacked at her teeny outfit and sultry poses. Bella’s clip comes after she recently posed in a silk bra and almost risked a wardrobe malfunction as she snapped a quick selfie.

Thorne risked an Instagram ban as she showed off her shape in the “bra,” which was little more than a swathe of ivory silk fabric twisted in the middle. She held her hand up to her head as she pouted for the camera.

She then tugged at her ʙικιɴι top

Bella accessorised with chunky silver choker necklaces and a wrist full of pearl bracelets, a gold watch and a silver heart charm. Her tattoos were clearly visible, a collection which includes a teeny tiny heart on her collarbone.

She wore her flaming locks in poker straight layers parted in the middle to show off her features, while face framing layers rested on her cheeks. Thorne looked toned and tanned in the selfie, which was taken to show off her bracelet from her own brand Thorne Dynasty.

Thorne loves to show off her figure in skimpy outfits

The actress took to her Instagram Story to plug the jewellery and wrote: “Wearing this necklace around my wrist in today’s post. Love the classy meets edgy mix of [dagger and pearl emojis].”

Where can I find this swimsuit Bella Thorne posted?? : r/findfashion


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